Affiliation: Researcher at Istituto di Scienza e Tecnologie dell’Informazione (ISTI) Pisa


Aggregative Data Infrastructures in the Cultural Heritage

The Cultural Heritage (CH) community is one of the most active in the realisation of Aggregative Data Infrastructures (ADIs), which are information systems for integrating and processing data sources to form uniform and richer information spaces.  In this talk, we highlight the main content and functional challenges in the realisation of such systems, arguing that the realisation of ADIs for CH must be based on technology capable of tackling complex and evolving interoperability issues, hence with the consequent sustainability issues these generally entail. We shall present the D-NET Software Toolkit framework and services, devised for the realisation of sustainable and customisable ADIs. In particular, we show-case the effectiveness of D-NET in the CH scenario by describing its usage in the real-case ADIs of the FP7 EC projects European Film Gateway and the Heritage of the People’s Europe.