Interoperable Annotations for the Arts and Humanities is an event in the series of DARIAH-Expert workshops. It is a combined effort of the Berlin-Brandenburgische-Akademie der Wissenschaften as partner within DARIAH-DE and The Language Archive. The series of DARIAH-Expert workshops has the goal to bring together a small group of experts, related to a specific topic and have them exchange their knowledge about latest developments.

The participants primarily targeted are confirmed researchers with a solid record in humanities and/or digital humanities research as well as experience with using, enhancing and developing methods, tools and/or datasets.

The focus lies on the critical analysis/evaluation and further development of digital practices and software relevant to a specific area in the (Digital) Humanities, with the aim of making some concrete progress.

The workshop is scheduled between the 17. – 18. 06. 2013 and will take place at the “Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities” in Berlin. It will combine a limited amount of informal project presentations in the morning with large room for discussion and concrete work in small groups on specific tasks in the afternoon and the day after.

The goal of the morning round is to identify certain topics and issues to be worked on in the groups and to build up the groups around those.

At the end of the workshop the groups will come together again to share their results and demonstrate developments.