Since spring 2012, The Language Archive hosts e-Humanities in Action.

The goal of this lecture series is to discuss research on/applications of computational linguistic methods, automatic Natural Language Processing (NLP) and automatic audio/video processing (computer vision) in the humanities. The subjects of the talks can range from techniques, via tools, to the exploitation of small corpora and multimedia data. Overarching, the goal is to provide perspectives useful for future research in the area.

We are open to discuss speakers’ proposals.

Date Speaker Lecture materials
February 12 2014 Marco Baroni Linking vectors to the world: Multimodal and cross-modal distributional semantics
January 15 2014 Alexander Clark Learning Trees from Strings
Strong Learning of CFGs (and MCFGs)
November 20 2013 Max Louwerse Symbol interdependency in conceptual processing (or: language encodes perceptual relations)
November 6 2013 Khalil Sima’an The Hierarchical Structure of Translation Data
May 15 2013 Walter Daelemans Detecting author personality from text
June 12 2013 Harald Hammarström Unsupervised Learning of Morphology for Lesser-Studied Languages
April 17 2013 Pavel Ircing Fast search in large audiovisual archive: the MALACH story PDF
March 13 2013 Paolo Manghi Aggregative Data Infrastructures in the Cultural Heritage PDF
Jan 31 2013 Alexander Mehler Linguistic networks: Text-technological representation and quantitative analysis
Dec 19 2012 László Hunyadi An introduction to the multimodal corpus HuComTech and its annotation PDF
Dec 5 2012 Bram Vandekerckhove Exemplar-based generalization at the interface between syntax and semantics
Nov 14 2012 Chris Biemann Structure discovery in natural language – unsupervised language-independent methods PDF
Nov 5 2012 Bruce Birch Sourcing the crowd in language documentation PDF
Oct 17 2012 Manfred Stede Multilevel annotation for discourse research: The ANNIS2 linguistic database PDF
July 12 2012 Nick Thieberger Of droughts and flooding rains – digital archiving between grants. Reviewing a decade of the Pacific and Regional Archive for Digital Sources in Endangered Cultures (PARADISEC) PDF
June 6 2012 Aantal van den Bosch Big Language Data PDF
May 9 2012 Mike Kestemont The Weight of the Author PDF