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The AVATecH recognizers are available for free use. There are two ways of accessing their functionality:

  • Using a USB Dongle: a USB stick that holds a license for the recognizers will allow to run them locally on your computer. If you’re interested in obtaining such Dongle please contact us at auvis@mpi.nl.
  • Access via Web-services: the ELAN annotation tool allows accessing the recognizers that are running on the Max Planck servers. In order to use this functionality you will need:
    • ELAN – a popular media annotation tool for Windows, Mac OS and Linux
    • Only for ELAN versions older than 4.7, or for special updates, you also need AVATecH Extensions Files – download the archive file and extract it to your ELAN/extensions folder. This will add menu items to the recognizer tab of ELAN, so you can invoke recognizers on our server. It works independent of the operating system version of your computer, but has to transfer your recordings to our server to have them processed. Newer versions of ELAN already ship with those files!
    • User Manual: Executing recognizers under ELAN – explaining step-by-step how to install extensions, start a new project in ELAN, open your media file and access the recognizers via the Audio recognizer and Video recognizer tabs. Obviously with newer versions of ELAN, you can skip the described installation step.
    • Skin Color Estimation Application – lets you configure the skin color range of a video for better recognition results. This tool runs locally on your Windows computer, Linux version available on request. For instructions on using – please see the manual. No Dongle required.

For discussion about the recognizers please visit the Recognizers Forum: where you can post any questions regarding the use of recognizers, any problems you run into, etc.