This page and RELISH LL LMF are still under construction, i.e., can change any time!

Feedback of early adopters is highly appreciated ☺

The RELISH LEGO-LIFT (LL) LMF schema is the interchange format developed in the RELISH project. In that project The Language Archive at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics and the Institute for Language Information and Technology (ILIT) at Eastern Michigan University worked together to harmonize different standards for lexicons of endangered languages. These standards are:

  • LIFT (in RELISH the LEGO LIFT schema from the ILIT LEGO project is used)
  • LMF

Two major goals have steered the development of the RELISH Interchange Format:

  1. to create a LIFT serialization that is as compliant as possible with the LMF object model, and
  2. to include all core data types relevant to both formats.

The proof of concept will be the successful round tripping of data between the projects.

In course of the process the RELISH team has created a modern modular Relax NG schema for LMF called RELISH LMF. The RELISH LL LMF is based on RELISH LMF, which means it selects the LMF extensions, the classes and feature structure representation it needs.

  1. RELISH LL LMF module
  2. RELISH LL LMF feature structure module