In this part of the TLA website you find information about all kinds of resources in the domain of language data.

This concerns our own main resources, that is, the digital data archive at The Language Archive / MPI for Psycholinguistics with linguistic content. The archive can be accessed by our Metadata Browser. Please refer to the data archive page for further information.

But there are many other resources out there in the WWW related to linguistic data and our research and infrastructure projects and activities. We try to give an exhaustive list of such centers, websites, research projects and individual resources such as important documents or format specifications.

The pages on resources are similarly organized as the pages on tools, and can be searched by similar methods. They contain basic information taken from the site etc. itself, and possibly a comment by members of TLA.

As in the case of the tools lists, we partly built on previous work.

If you feel a website, center or other resource is missing, please let us know. Feel free to propose updates or corrections on information about individual sites or resources as well.