Description: Subtitles with ELAN; this “how-to” guide describes how to make subtitled DVDs or video files with subtitles that are included in the video stream. The software that is being used is all free (some of it open source), most of the packages can be downloaded from
Author: Robin Dittwald (Universität zu Köln)



Description: Subtitles with ELAN; This mini-guide is aimed at the following group: Researchers (probably mainly DoBeS teams) who have MPEG2 videos transcoded according to the archive guidelines (e.g. using the presets in TMPGEnc) and who want to be able to add subtitles and perhaps also trim the video with the minimum of fuss/expense. It covers only Windows solutions, but presumably Mac ones are just as easy to formulate.
The software mentioned is free and open source, but make your own judgements. (Also, remember to scan anything you download for viruses).
The SubRip subtitles (.srt) format is not the only one around but since it is the one ELAN exports it is the only one I’ll consider here. It seems there are two basic ways of using this data: ‘soft’ subtitles and, by extension ‘hard’ ones (softsubs and hardsubs).
Author: Andrew Margetts