This version of Arbil has been updated to reflect the changes in our TLA archive, in particular the switch from IMDI to CMDI.

Please note that due to the update mechanism having been broken in the previous release, Arbil will not notify you of this new release, so make sure you don’t forget to download and install it.

Here is a list of additions, changes, and bug fixes that come with the release of Arbil 2.6. You can get the new version from the Arbil tool page.

Additions and Changes:

  • Typechecker has been upgraded to version 1.8.3, so that Arbil is in line with the current version of Lamus.
  • In line with the upcoming switch from IMDI to CMDI in our archive, an option to export IMDI to CMDI has been added to the export dialogue. Following such an export, Arbil now provides a conversion summary in an end-of-export message.
  • Support for TLA specific CMDI extensions to preserve resource locations and archive handles during the lifecycle of a CMDI record.
  • Files in the archive are now served over an encrypted connection. Arbil has been adapted to work with this and offers to update remote locations and change them to the encrypted format.


  • Checking for application updates has been fixed.
  • There was a re-organisation within our archive, which is why the default remote locations had to be adapted to function in Arbil.
  • In the past, when creating two or more IMDI files with the same name and choosing to export them, this resulted in an error or broken export since Arbil tried to create two files with the same name, leading to the second one being overwritten. In this version, Arbil no longer treats files with the same name as clashing and exports them without trouble.

NOTE: No further features will be added to Arbil after this release. TLA will do its utmost to ensure the upkeep and functionality of Arbil alongside fixing critical bugs. Should you have any issues with this version of Arbil, please contact for help.