On September 12 and 13, all metadata in The Language Archive will be converted from IMDI to CMDI format. Along with this conversion, new versions of the archiving tools will be installed. On these days, the archive and all related services will not be available.

Most importantly for depositors, a new version of LAMUS will be installed that will (only!) accept metadata in a number of different CMDI profiles (see list here). This version of LAMUS is different from the old version in a number of ways. The main differences are described on this page.

Since the new LAMUS version will only work with CMDI metadata, any existing workspaces will need to be submitted before the migration. You can do so until the 5th of September. We will switch off the possibility to create new workspaces on the 1st of September.

People working with the Arbil metadata editor should download a new version after the migration and adapt their “remote corpus” locations as described here. The current version of Arbil already has the option to convert IMDI files to CMDI files, so in case you have metadata files in IMDI format that you haven’t archived yet, you can convert them to CMDI from Arbil as described in the manual. Changes to metadata files that are already in the archive should be done on a freshly downloaded CMDI copy after the migration. See the Arbil CMDI manual for more information.