As some of you know, a completely new archiving system is being developed for The Language Archive. In order to prepare for the transition towards using this new system, we will start using metadata in CMDI format exclusively in our current system already, rather than a mix of IMDI and CMDI metadata. The migration from IMDI to CMDI metadata also involves updates to the underlying system, most importantly for depositors there will be a new version of the LAMUS tool that works exclusively with CMDI metadata and that no longer requires Java to be installed on your computer.

We are getting close to the migration date and now need to perform some final extensive testing of the entire archive infrastructure. In order to do that we need to take the archive offline for a full day on July the 20th. On that day, you will not be able to access the archive, nor deposit materials using LAMUS.

After we have concluded these tests and evaluated the outcome, we will announce a date for the actual migration and elaborate a bit more on what it means for depositors in terms of changes to the archiving workflow.

In case of questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.