During the last weeks the TLA has been busy working on making the IMDI-browser a more user-friendly point of access to the archive: the new Archive Structure Viewer enables users to access and browse the archive without JAVA installed, which means that a broader range of stakeholders can explore the corpora (Note: unfortunately, for using the metadata-search and LAMUS Java is still required!). Experienced IMDI-browser users might be surprised there is no context menu in the browser-panel anymore. Menu-functions are now exclusively provided in the right-hand view panel. Visualization has been changed – the viewer dresses up in fashionable blue and white now. But please, no worries, you will recognize that you do not have to get to know an entirely new system – in spite of some valuable improvements in usage and style, the Archive Structure Viewer still strongly resembles the good old IMDI-browser.

The Archive Structure viewer is readily accessible on https://corpus1.mpi.nl/ds/asv and it will also be available on https://corpus1.mpi.nl as the default access to the archive soon– implying that the IMDI-browser will continue to be available but not as a default. All bookmarks formerly pointing to the IMDI-browsers will now be automatically redirected to ASV. More useful information can be found on the TLA-website under TLA tools, including a manual. We invite you to visit the new viewer and inform us in case you have any difficulties.

The release of ASV has been realized as quickly as possible to get rid of the Java dependency which many of our users found problematic. Yet, we are aware of some minor issues which are to be fixed soon. Check the list below:

  • If you do not have access to a certain media files and use the ‘view’ option, ASV will still show a player even if the media will not show up
  • For nodes not hosted by TLA (e.g. Lund) there are no or non-resolvable links on the citation page
  • The same nodes also lack the appropriate icon (a ? is shown instead of the empty circle)
  • When selecting a resource the browser-panel jumps back to the top of the tree
  • There is still no icon for the “download all” – menu option
  • It is inconvenient that at the moment you can just view image resources individually per resource instead of getting into IMEX to view all image resources of a session at once
  • The ‘download all’ function leads to downloading the redirect page instead of the resource it redirects to
  • Info files are not sorted first in the tree. They should though.
  • Double clicking on nodes does not open them yet
  • There is a multiple select button on the top of the tree, which is a bit hard to spot and inconvenient to use

We apologize for any inconvenience and are going to do our best to get things fully working as soon as possible!