by Jacquelijn Ringersma

From February 5 to February 8, there was a workshop on documentation and archiving in Guwahati, Assam (India). 22 participants were trained in the recording of audio and video, handling of audio and video files, and use of the LAT software. Two members of the MPI’s technical group were among the workshop trainers.

Participants trying out the video equipment

The archiving workshop was organised by DoBeS, in collaboration with Guwahati University and the Phonogrammarchiv (Austria). Its purpose was to train local linguists in best practices and current methods of documenting languages and cultures. The workshop was financed by the Volkwagen foundation, within the framework of the DoBeS project: The Traditional Songs and Poetry of Upper Assam.

Strengthen local capacity

The project aims at multifaceted linguistic and ethnographic documentation of the Tangsa, Tai and Singpho communities in Margherita (North-East India). The Guwahati workshop contributes to the project by strengthening the local capacity. Among the trainees were students and PhD’s of the Guwahati University and staff members of the National Folklore Support Centre (NFSC).