On 3 September 2012 the official plate documenting the existence of the CLARIN ERIC was handed over from Robert-Jan Smits, director DG Research EC, to Steven Krauwer, director of CLARIN ERIC, in a ceremony at the University of Utrecht which will be the seat of this new legal entity. It was a very important moment also for TLA since TLA members were co-founders and leading the technical infrastructure work of the CLARIN research infrastructure initiative which now received the ERIC status as second ESFRI initiative. This ceremony was a moment for being proud of what we have achieved together with our colleagues from all over Europe.

Some of us have invested quite some effort to define a vision statement and a general architecture, to design and implement building blocks of such an infrastructure, to align with humanities researchers, to get an overview about language resources and tools and their types, to clarify the legal basis of dealing with data and tools in a federation and to work out the administrative/organizational basis for a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC).

Being the second initiative of all 48 ESFRI initiatives from the very different areas of research is an indicator of how successful our work has been. It is a moment to thank all CLARIN colleagues in particular Steven Krauwer, Bente Maegaard, Tamas Varadi, Dan Cristea, Erhard Hinrichs, Martin Wynne and Marko Tadic. From the MPI team certainly Daan Broeder, Dieter van Uitvanck and Menzo Windhouwer were in the core of some excellent work. Thanks also to Richard Derksen from the Dutch ministry to get all the paper work done. This all means that after the German, Dutch and some other ministries have ensured funding for CLARIN for the next years; also the European Commission gave a clear signal to further support CLARIN.

For more information please look at the ClARIN web site: www.clarin.eu