This is to announce the release of ELAN 4.6.2.
It is primarily a bug fix release but introduces a few new features as

The main new features are:

  • an option to export controlled vocabularies to an external controlled vocabularies file (.ecv)
  • in the Lexicon viewer an option has been added to apply lexical entry values to both the active annotation and its dependent annotations (based on their respective mappings)
  • an option to remove empty annotations from selected tiers
  • enter the media offset in the Linked Files dialog as alternative to the synchronization mode

The most important fixes are:

  • FLEx import and export, several problems have been repaired
  • Annotations from Overlaps with Constraints didn’t work anymore
  • Annotations from Gaps with multiple tiers produced wrong results
  • several problems concerning font, color and other preferences have been resolved
  • several fixes and improvements on the structured multiple files search
  • a couple of problems in the Transcription mode have been repaired

A much more detailed and extensive list can be found here:

The release can be downloaded here: