The first INNET Conference and first INNET regional archivists workshop were held in Cologne and Nijmegen respectively on 6-7 and 10-12 September. The INNET project is an EC funded project with 4 partners: the University of Cologne, the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and the Research Institute for Linguistics in Budapest.

The INNET conference in Cologne had the title “Best practices in digital language archiving of language and music data”. Presentations were given by Gary Holton (Alaska Native Language Archive), Paul Trilsbeek (The Language Archive), David Nathan and Kakia Chatsiou (Endangered Languages Archive at SOAS), Mary Linn (Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History), Jürgen Schöpf (Phonogrammarchiv Vienna), Nick Thieberger (PARADISEC), Christoph Draxler (Bayrisches Archiv für Sprachsignale), Natscha Schumann (GESIS – Leibniz-Institut für Sozialwissenschaften) and Bernard Bel (Laboratoire Parole et Langage, CNRS). At the end of the conference, a panel discussion on “interoperability and joint access” was led by Sebastian Drude. The abstracts as well as the slides of the talks can be found on the INNET website.

The INNET regional archivists workshop was attended by representatives of regional archives in Belém (Brazil), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Halle (Germany), Helsinki (Finland), Iquitos (Peru), Lund (Sweden), Mexico City (Mexico), Moscow (Russian Federation) and Quito (Ecuador), as well as attendants from the University of Cologne. It turned out to be a very fruitful meeting with interesting presentations from the archives themselves, presentations about the TLA archiving technology as well as the European research infrastructure projects on the first day and lively discussions about several aspects of running a regional language archive on the second day. On the third day, participants got a freshen-up course on some of the individual tools that TLA develops such as the Arbil metadata editor.

Two further INNET conferences and INNET regional archivists workshops will be organized as part of the project in the coming two years.


Panel discussion at the INNET best practices conference in Cologne