From 21st until 23rd of march the important international Conference “ICRI” (International Conference on Research Infrastructures, took place in Copenhagen, with numerous participants from all over the world. ICRI is the conference where all political and strategic relevant aspects of research infrastructures are discussed, with the goal to arrive at clear action statements especially for the European Commission and the European member states.  Peter Wittenburg from TLA reports on this event.

A highlight of the first day was the presentation of Hans Rosling (Gapminder Foundation). Within these he gathered all officially available information regarding developments in society and displayed them by means of excellent visualizations. (Downloading the application ( is strongly recommended)

Another definitive highlight was the speech of Ms. Vierkorn-Rudolph, Deputy-Director General of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Germany (BMBF) and and chair of the European ESFRI executive board. She gave an overview regarding research-infrastructures, within which also Clarin was mentioned.

Excellent speakers from various countries, a.o. Nobel laureate Shechtman, elaborated on how research today is managed, which weight it has and which role excellent infrastructures play. In the session on global research infrastructures it became very clear, that an international and also European approach is desired. Alan Blatecky (NSF) for instance submitted a proposal for an international organization, which would be active in the area of data management and access harmonization. This is discussed intensely at the moment.

Furthermore sessions regarding developments with respect to the major challenges health, climate, energy and e-infrastructure (networks, HPC, grid, data) took place. In the last session the big significance of data for modern science was discussed. It culminated in the statement “data become the currency of research.