A new version of Lamus ( has been deployed, please see the list below for new features, changes and fixes:

New features:
– an option to keep the unlinked files when deleting the workspace
– visual distinction between nodes of different types in the unlinked nodes table, using different colours
– filtering options in the unlinked nodes table

– removed option of deleting protected nodes
– nodes in the workspace tree are now numerically sorted
– improvements in the presentation of the workspace information, as well as some unclear error messages
– more consistency in the terminology used in the UI, as well as the locations of buttons with similar functionality
– improvements in the intermediate step of node linking
– description of an image info file is now visible when viewing the node
– possibility to switch to old icon style has been removed
– user registration was replaced by RRS registration

– fixed problems with session timeouts
– fixed problems with unlinking nodes containing multiple parents
– filenames no longer renamed (_2, _3, …) unnecessarily
– fixed problem with back button after some error messages
– fixed workspace storage space indication
– updated the languages available for the IMDI description field


To start the new version please go here