After a long development cycle TLA has now made the release candidate for LEXUS 3.0 publicly available; with the official release soon to follow.

We have performed extensive testing ourselves already but at this point we need feedback from actual users. So please head to the new LEXUS and try it out. You can find the updated manual and A4 guide already on the LEXUS web page Send your feedback (bugs, feature requests, improvement suggestions, or praise) to

We have mainly tried to optimise the speed and the user experience in this release. Most of the changes have been to the backend which you as a user will not have to deal with. The most obvious big changes on the user side are:

  • Improved and streamlined searching functionality
  • View creation has been greatly improved and is now the same for both List View and Lexical Entry View
  • There is now a dedicated XML format for LEXUS lexica which will improve archivibility of LEXUS lexica and interoperability with other lexicon tools

At the moment LEXUS 3.0 is still missing two things that were present in LEXUS 2.0

  • the connection to ViCoS
  • The functionality to import generic XML – it is already possible to import toolbox lexica trough the Lexus XML import facility, though.

These are high on the list of upcoming features but they will only be implemented in future versions. This means that we will have to take down ViCoS when LEXUS 3.0 is officially released until the connection has been implemented.

We already have a roadmap for the immediate future which at the moment looks like this


  • Integration with TLA authentication infrastructure
  • Adapt ViCoS to work with the new LEXUS
  • Add preview functionality to the views editor
  • Expansion of templates and extended import and export functionality


  • Add generic XML import functionality
  • Make LEXUS lexica archivable
  • Work on LEXAN integration
  • standalone LEXUS version
  • create REST API for read/write access

We are very happy to finally present you with a stable release of LEXUS 3.0 and hope you are as happy with it as we are.

The LEXUS team