There is good and bad news on LEXUS. The good news is that LEXUS 3.1 has been released, which brings new features and stability:

  • functionality to create links within and between (parts of) lexical entries
  • an extensive framework for tying lexicon templates and im-/export formats together, incl. warnings when changes to schema of a lexicon will break compatibility with an export format
  • improved PDF export
  • many other bug fixes

Unfortunately there is also bad news. Due to changes in the long term strategy with regard to The Language Archive (see the TLA policy statement for details) this will be the last release of LEXUS for the foreseeable future. TLA will host LEXUS on its servers as long as possible, but can’t guarantee any support if serious issues arise. However, LEXUS 3 has been stable for the last 2 years and your lexica are and will be backed up. Of course, for long term persistency you should export your lexica and ingest them into the TLA archive (contact if you need help).

Thank you for all your support,

The LEXUS team