The new ANNEX 1.5 has been released last week with additional features and many bug fixes. So, here you are, a smoothly working new version of Annex. Especially, notice the improvements with regard to video streaming as well as synchronization with programs such as TROVA and LEXUS:

  • Improved video quality and seek times thanks to a new native video player and a streaming server; videos can still be watched in other players using the “player” URL parameter.
  • Tiers selected when coming from TROVA or LEXUS will be automatically highlighted in the timeline and displayed in the mini data frame.
  • Videos can be viewed in full-screen now.
  • Time-synchronization (same selection) is now working across the various views/modes you want to use to look at the selected resource.

Additionally the following major and minor bugs have been fixed, among others mouse wheel scrolling problems, difficulties with log-out, problems about zooming and issues with Elan-file offset which Annex can now work with. For details have a look at the  Annex Release History.