We are please to announce that there is a new and improved version 1.2 of KinOath Kinship Archiver available. This can be downloaded from the usual location: [http://tla.mpi.nl/tools/tla-tools/kinoath/]
Some of the improvements in this version are:
Screen shot_1

  • The table now has an add/delete field menu, this allows free text entry for field names and a list of known field names to insert.
  • Scrolling the diagram up/down/left/right via the mouse wheel now moves the diagram in a way more consistant with that used in other applications.
  • Individuals on the diagram can now be group-selected with a rectangular selection box by dragging the mouse over them.Screen shot 2013-05-02 at 2.46.00 PM
  • Corrected resizing behaviour for graphics elements when dragging via the blue drag handle dots.
  • The diagram settings for labels and symbols now allow the user to enter more complex settings while still providing a simple way to enter the settings.
  • Editing a field in the table and other such actions no longer cause the current zoom to be lost.
  • In addition, selecting an individual now pans to that individual without changing the zoom on the diagram.
  • Adding a relation no longer changes the position of the related individuals/entities.
  • When adding/removing relations, the application now responds faster (more improvements in this area will be made soon).
  • Directed relations are now available. These are relations that are unidirectional and have an arrow to indicate the direction. These can be used, for instance, to record kin term use between individuals.Screen shot 2013-05-03 at 11.00.06 AM
  • The diagram progress bar is now shown when adding relations to individuals and when deleting, merging, and duplicating entities in the diagram.
  • Refreshing list of available profiles in the diagram settings is now quicker.
  • Entities without a label and without an icon are now more visible in the project trees and in the diagram.
  • When importing GEDCOM files, redundant FAM entities are discarded after importing the relations, unless they have useful data such as a marriage date etc.
  • The search can now span separate data fields, such as first name field / last name field. It also now supports fuzzy matching so that similar entries or misspellings can be found.
  • The project data can now be exported to a single file via a new export plugin. The format is similar to GEDCOM but without the cultural restrictions. (This will export all fields and all relations. However, concepts that are not allowed in the GEDCOM specification will create non standard GEDCOM file output.)
  • Support for custom relation types has been improved and they are now easier to configure.  For instance setting the line colour and style is now easier. The custom relations settings also now clearly indicate when there is an opposing relation type, such as ancestor/descendant.

There has also been many other bug fixes, cosmetic tweaks and minor improvements. For more details the full change list is available here: [http://tla.mpi.nl/tools/tla-tools/kinoath/changes/]