A new version (2.0) of the Metadata Search has just been released. The metadata search is an option in the Archive Structure Viewer (ASV) that allows to search for metadata information through all the files of a selected node. These are the main features that have been fixed or improved:

  • The new version of the Metadata Search is HTML based, this means that the User Interface is Java-free. This is a great improvement from the old version, where it was necessary to run Java to use the metadata search. The new version, is consequently free from all the problems connected to the use of Java in browsers.
  • The connection with TROVA, (Content Search Engine), has also been improved, a new icon has been added near the result’s path, which allows to search across the content of a session’s written resources via TROVA. The icon allows a quicker and more straightforward connection to TROVA. Furthermore it is now possible to launch TROVA to search across all results of a given metadata search or, if desired, across all results displayed on a single given page.

The new version of the Metadata Search provides a better accessibility of the metadata and it is now free from small bugs present in the previous version.