Today a new stable version (1.1.0) of the Metadata Browser has been released. These are the main features that have been added or improved:

In the previous version it was not possible to download resources that were not openly available, this problem has been fixed and it is now possible to download protected resources, provided you have the rights to do it. In addition to this a bookmark button has been added in the top right corner of the page, in order to make it easier and more intuitive to bookmark individual nodes and resources. Furthermore the presentation of streaming media has been improved with the addition of a link to the original file under the video display.
The new version of the browser offers also the possibility to have information on versioning by providing links to previous versions of resources and sessions, and offers the possibility to download and cite info files, moreover now the link present in the citation page doesn’t point anymore to the IMDI browser but to ASV. In addition to this, a link to the updated ASV manual is now available, and the integration with Annex has been improved.

The new version of the Metadata Browser provides a better stability and better availability of the browser itself, which is now clean from the numerous small bugs present in the previous version