by Przemek Lenkiewicz

The AUVIS project is a collaboration between the The Language Archive, two Fraunhofer institutes, IAIS and HHI, and language and gesture researchers of the University of Cologne and the German Sport University Cologne. The work is focused on developing tools for the analysis of speech and gesture data in the context of analyzing multi-verb phrases. It is in a large part a continuation of the AVATecH project.


The AUVIS project has just had a major milestone, which has also inspired the organization of a workshop. All the project partners have met and discussed the current progress and challenges ahead. The workshop has also included several presentations from invited experts from the field of audio and video processing and researchers that work with audio and video recordings. All the workshop participants have participated in joint discussions on the developments of the project and have given their feedback and suggestions for the developed content.


The newest developments brought by the HHI Fraunhofer Insitute, Berlin, include an improved hands and head tracking mechanism and also delivers the annotations according to the NEUROGES coding scheme.


Moreover, the algorithms developed under the AUVIS project are available for everyone to use. They can be accessed using web-services, so from any computer connected to the Internet, or a USB stick can be requested, which will allow to run them locally.