The AVATecH project (  had numerous interesting
outcomes, including organization of workshops, publications at leading
conferences and the release of audio and video
processing recognizers for free use by the research community. Recently
the results of the project have been recognized once more with the
invitation to a special issue of Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence,
published by Springer Verlag, which will be based on extended and updated
versions of the best papers presented at the Language Technology
Conference 2011 in Poznań, Poland.

According to the editors, Zygmunt Vetulani and Joseph Mariani, the
selection process was based first of all on the reviewers’ evaluations of
the papers, however other criteria were taken into account, i.e.,  besides
the technical quality of papers presented at the conference, the priority
was given to mature and complete “final-results-papers” before the
brilliant but partial reports concerning the on-going projects
(“preliminary versions”).

In the article partners from Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute and
Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems IAIS
will provide a thorough description of all the recognizers that have been
developed in AVATecH. Also, researchers of the Max Planck Institute will
describe their research and the advanced annotation support tools that
they are developing.

The work on audio and video processing technology started in AVATecH
continues in the AUVIS project, which brought together more partners and
has given new research questions to be answered. The information about
goals and the progress of AUVIS can be found on project web page