As some of you might know, TLA has an infrastructure in place to automatically create smaller versions of all the audio and video files in the archive. Generally speaking the uploaded files are too large for
streaming purposes, so these smaller versions are used by our software if a user tries to view a media file either in ANNEX or directly in the Metadata Browser. In the past these streaming files were automatically
created and added to the IMDI files. We now believe this is not ideal, since we have to edit the metadata you upload which has led to some confusion.

As a result we have made some changes:

The smaller streaming files will still be created automatically for everything that is uploaded. However, we will now hide them from the user interface and no longer edit the IMDIs. In the process of implementing this switch we have re-edited all IMDI files where such streaming files were added by us before and removed these again from the metadata.

In case you need to access a streaming file directly, you can still find out its exact location from the Metadata Browser while viewing it.

Also, as some of you might have bookmarked the existing visible files we made sure that all those bookmarks will still work. (Though there might have been a short time this week when they didn’t work for a while. Apologies for that.)

We are currently having a program go through the whole archive and (re-)creating the streaming files where they are not available yet. This means it may take some weeks until all streaming files are available.