We are deeply saddened by the death of our dear colleague Nick Wood. He unexpectedly passed away on Saturday, August 5th, at the age of 50.

Nick began working at the MPI thirteen years ago as a member of the digitisation team in the Technical Group. The digitisation team was initially set up at the beginning of the DOBES endangered languages documentation project to assist fieldworkers with the digitisation and processing of their audio and video recordings for the archive. Nick quickly became an expert in digitising and capturing recordings from a large variety of tape formats, including legacy formats such as open reel audio tape. In recent years, the focus of his work shifted more towards processing and converting various data formats into standard archival formats, as well as to preparing equipment for fieldwork. As an avid record collector and music aficionado, Nick always had a keen interest in audio technology, which is part of the reason why he really liked his job.

Nick was always extremely helpful to the people he worked with, both within the MPI as well as in the projects that the MPI was involved in such as the DOBES project. To many people in the MPI, he was more than just a colleague. He will be greatly missed.