by Anna Lenkiewicz

Digital Humanities 2012 was hosted by the University of Hamburg, between the 16th and 22nd of July 2012. Among the diverse projects presented at the conference TLA has presented six topics, three talks and 3 poster presentations. Two talks “Advanced Web-services for Automated
Annotation of Audio and Video Recordings “ and “Linking annotations: Steps towards tool-chaining in Language Documentation” (by Przemek Lenkiewicz and Han Sloetjes) were given in a pre-conference workshop. The talk by Sebastian Drude “Language Documentation and Digital
Humanities: The (DoBeS) Language Archive” is available online at the University of Hamburg’s Lecture2Go platform. Among fifty presenters on a Poster Session, which took place in the lobby of faculty of Humanities at the University of Hamburg, we have presented:

  • Linguistic concepts described with Media Query Language for automated annotation (Lenkiewicz, Anna; Lis, Magdalena; Lenkiewicz, Przemysław)
  • AV Processing in eHumanities – a paradigm shift (Wittenburg, Peter; Lenkiewicz, Przemysław; Auer, Eric; Gebre, Binyam Gebrekidan; Lenkiewicz, Anna; Drude, Sebastian)
  • Adaptive Automatic Gesture Stroke Detection ( Gebre, Binyam Gebrekidan; Wittenburg, Peter)

All abstracts are available online at the website of the University of Hamburg and in a book of abstracts.

We are happy that we could take a part of such an inspiring event.