by Thomas Koller

The Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics is proud to offer an international CLARA summer school on “Advanced Resource Creation, Archiving and Usage” in Nijmegen (Netherlands). The summer school topics will be taught by experienced external specialists and MPI experts. It will take place at the Institute from July 5th to July 16th, 2010.

The summer school is part of the European CLARA project (Common Language Resources and their Applications). CLARA is a Marie Curie Initial Training Network which aims to offer early-stage researchers the opportunity to improve their research skills, to join established research teams and to enhance their career prospects.

Participating in this summer school will allow young researchers to get a deep understanding of modern methodologies and technologies to create, archive and use sharable language resources. The aim is to train young researchers in how to use modern technology to create language resources, in particular when the source material are multimedia streams. Additionally they will learn how the resulting complex resource types can be archived, how they can be accessed and analyzed via state-of-the-art (web) applications and how they can be enriched. 

The CLARA summer school has already attracted a varied and interesting group of young researchers and is fully booked out.

More information on the CLARA summer school can be found at the MPI website.