by Patrick Duin

The Virtual Language Observatory (VLO), is an alternative way of browsing and searching different archives all over the world. We are happy to announce that the faceted browser for browsing resources part of the VLO has currently been updated and improved.

A faceted browser is a way to browse and search the data in the various archives based on the facets available in the data. These Facets are certain searchable aspects of the data. For instance figure 1 shows two facets Country and Language. It tells us that there are 15.548 records that have “Netherlands” as value for the country name.

Figure 1: Different Facets

When the user clicks on a facet value the user interface updates the other facets accordingly. So for example if we click “Netherlands”, we get figure 2.

Figure 2: Country = "Netherlands"

The language facet is updated and now only shows the languages of records that have “Netherlands” as the value for Country.
By clicking and selecting more facets the number of records can be narrowed down even more.

Selecting a result record gives a more detailed view of the data and if possible a link to the original context (archive) and links to resources associated with that record. See figure 3.

Figure 3: Result View

There is a direct access to the resources. This link goes directly to the archive providing the resource so authentication and authorization may be required.