Andrew Treloar is Director of Technology at the Australian National Data Service which has as its main goal the promotion of existing data to foster their re-use. Thus it is about metadata about all sorts of data collections whole Australia and their quality improvement and enrichment.
He will visit the MPI/TLA on Friday 7th and we asked him to give a talk at 13.30 about their work.


Who: Andrew Treloar

Where: MPI for Psycholinguistics, conference-room Midi-Planck

When: Friday the 7th of December, 13:30



The Australian National Data Service: services for the whole Australian research community

This talk will describe the services provided by the Australian National Data Service (ANDS). ANDS has been in existence since 2009 and now enables discovery of 40,000+ data collections across the whole range of research. ANDS describes its mission as bringing about the transformation of data that is unmanaged, invisible, disconnected and single-use into structured collections that are managed, visible, connected and re-usable. This is being undertaken through a combination of national services and institutional engagement. The talk will be of interest to anyone interested in data infrastructure issues and in furthering data-driven research.


Dr Andrew Treloar is the Director of Technology for the Australian National Data Service (ANDS) (, with particular responsibility for demonstrating the value of bringing together data from different disciplines to answer new questions, and for international engagement. In 2008 he led the project to establish ANDS. He has a B.A. hons. (first class), majoring in Germanic Languages and Linguistics, a Grad. Dip. in computer science, and a research Masters in English Literature, all from Melbourne University. In 1999 he received his Ph. D. from Monash University with the topic Hypermedia Online Publishing – Transformation of the Scholarly Journal. His research interests include data management, institutional repositories and scholarly communication. He never seems to be able to make enough time for practising his ‘cello, or reading, but does try to prioritise talking to his chickens and working in his vegetable garden and orchard. Further details at or follow him on Twitter as @atreloar.