Alexander Mehler is professor in Text Technology / Applied Computational Linguistics at Goethe-University Frankfurt.

A lecture in the TLA Lecture Series on e-Humanities will be given the 31st of January 2012 by Alexander Mehler.
He will present on Linguistic Networks: Text-technological Representation and Quantitative Analysis.

Who: Alexander Mehler
What: Linguistic Networks: Text-technological Representation and Quantitative Analysis
Where: MPI for Psycholinguistics, room 1.63 (main lecture hall)
When: Thursday, January 31st, 2013, 14h30-16h00


With the advent of Web 2.0, we observe the rise of linguistic units that because of
their structure, size and complexity have been widely unstudied so far. This relates
to large complex networks of textual units and their collaborative generation by
communities of interacting agents by means of computer-mediated communication.
Amongst others, this includes wiki-based systems in scientific and knowledge
communication. These examples have in common that they enable users to cooperate in
generating and modifying nodes of text networks mostly without central control. In
this talk, we investigate several examples of such linguistic networks. We start
with so called social ontologies in order to shed light on emergent semantics and
the kind of topology it brings about. Secondly, we ask for the self-similarity of
linguistic networks as exemplified by Wikipedia’s article network. Finally, we
investigate laws of the collaboration of those agents who generate these networks in
order to get insights into web-based collaboration as manifested by Wikipedia and
numerous special purpose wikis.

You are all cordially invited to attend.
If you plan to attend please send an email to (for
administrative reasons).