During the last couple of weeks we have updated numerous of our archiving applications. All of the updates were relatively minor, but some quite annoying bugs were fixed in the process. This will most likely be the last version we will release for these applications, unless we discover very major problems that need to be addressed to maintain core functionality. From now on we will focus our work on the new archiving solution FLAT which will be released next year and will replace the old LAT stack in our archive.

In the following, you will find a list of the major changes in the updated applications.


  • Some file types (txt and pdf) can contain either annotations or some other textual information. Therefore ASV now offers an option to open them either in ANNEX or view them directly in the browser.
  • It is now possible to customize the look of ASV (e.g. set a different start page and header) so it can be more easily used in other archives.
  • When coming to ASV from the metadata search, the search terms are now highlighted again; if necessary the metadata view is expanded so that the result is shown.
  • ASV now shows the type of a node in the detail view.
  • Some internal changes that should result in a considerable speed improvement.

Metadata Search

  • The simple search now also properly searches through native CMDI metadata.
  • There were problems with entering text into the Age field when searching. This has been fixed.
  • In the Advanced Search the Description fields were not searchable, but were displayed. They have been removed.
  • Some problems with calling the Content Search from a search result were fixed.
  • General performance when displaying the results has been improved.


  • The typechecker was rejecting some valid eaf files. This has been fixed and all valid files are accepted now.
  • The typechecker has been updated to the new version of the IMDI schema (3.0.22) including changes in the constraints for Age and Date.
  • In the Unlinked Files dialogue “select all” does select all unlinked files, also the ones that are not visible in the UI at the moment due to paging. To make this more visible, LAMUS now always shows how many files are currently selected and when deleting files, it reports the number of nodes that will be deleted in the confirmation dialogue.
  • When rejecting a file, LAMUS accidentally showed the internal path and name instead of the original which made it difficult to understand which files were being rejected. This has now been fixed.
  • The typechecker now parses incoming annotations and rejects them if they fail to parse.
  • A problem with the number of info files a node can have has been fixed.


  • You can now register with an e-mail address with a two-letter domain (e.g. uu.nl)
  • Usernames from external IDPs are no longer changed to lowercase. This fixes a problem some people had when logging in with their university accounts.
  • RRS used to mangle non-ASCII characters in the registration process. It now supports Unicode.