On the Tools-pages, The Language Archive (TLA) aims at providing essential information about most computational tools relevant in the field of linguistics, archiving and generally in research on language data. Partly we built on previous work.

You find more detailed information on the tools developed at TLA, including manuals, A4-guides, downloads etc.

In addition we provide links to and information about many other tools, including even several outdated tools.
If you know of a tool that is relevant in our domain and is not listed here, please let us know.

For every tool, we provide some basic information (often taken from the website of the tool itself). Remarks by members of TLA are clearly marked as such. Users are encouraged to provide a brief review of the tools on this site.

We have categorized the tools by a number of criteria, in particular:

  • functionality
  • data type
  • operating system
  • license
  • support

You can use these categories to search and filter the list of tools. If you think that certain categories or values are missing for a certain tool or in general, please let us know.

There are also the related pages of centers and other resources which include links to and information about websites, formats and other resources which are not tools.

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