ams AMS a tool to grant and deny the access to a (part of a) corpus.
annex Annex the Annotation Exploration tool in the MPI web-based framework for archive exploration and enrichement
Arbil Arbil is an application for arranging research material and associated metadata into a format appropriate for archiving.
imdi Browser/Catalogue access the MPI archive through the web
elan ELAN Multimedia Annotator
imdi Imex a tool for exploring images
 lamus LAMUS Language Archive Management and Upload System
annex Trova the annotation search tool in the MPI web-based archive framework

Older and unsupported applications…

Further information about CMDI Metadata

Further information about IMDI Metadata

Workflow of listed tools:

You can also download the whole server-based LAT software as a VMWare Image to install your own archive.

All Software developed by TLA may be used free of charge (freeware). It is also ‘open source’: the source code is available upon request under the Gnu Public License 2 (in some cases GPL 3).