Annex is a web-based tool for visualization of annotated multimedia data.

Annex (Annotation Explorer) is a tool for exploration and viewing of archived transcription files and their associated media files. It provides various visualization functions: for example, annotations can be selected, and selected media intervals can be played and bookmarked for reference. At the moment, it is not possible to edit annotations within Annex, although that functionality may be added in the future. Because Annex is web-based, it provides a quick and easy way to view annotations in the archive without having to manually download software or files from the archive.

Annex is part of the MPI web-based tool framework for archive exploration and enrichment, along with tools for lexicon exploration and creation (Lexus), ingestion of files in the archive (LAMUS) and browsing the hierarchical archive of metadata records (IMDI Browser). As an annotation viewer, Annex is in many respects analogous to the stand-alone tool ELAN (which also has extensive support for editing).

Additionally, an Annex view of an annotated media resource can be embedded in any web page for the purpose of publishing research to the general public (much like YouTube videos can be embedded in web pages).

Annex is an ideal companion for Trova, the annotation search engine, since it can be used as a quick way to browse search results. This use is supported by Trova, which provides links to Annex for search results.