ANNEX 1.6 (December 4th, 2014):

  • Coltime comments: users can now create time aligned comments which can optionally target specific tiers or annotations. The comments are then visible to all users who have permission to access the correspondent annotation file.
    • For details and usage examples on the Comments feature please refer to the ANNEX manual.
  • Mini Data Frame automatically stretches horizontally when the video window is detached from the interface.
  • Copy to clipboard actions now display an automatically disappearing feedback message.
  • Generated bookmarks now use “handles” instead of “nodeIds” to identify the annotation file.
  • Added support to visualize externally hosted WAV and EAF files via the browser Quicktime plugin and using progressive download media playback.

Additionally the following bugs been fixed:

  • Updating the timeline position fails when clicking on the text frames and using the empty player (no media file available).
  • Timeline annotation tooltips sometimes displayed behind other user interface elements.
  • Many more bug-fixes and performance improvements…

ANNEX 1.5 (July 30th, 2014):

  • Improved video quality and seek times thanks to a new native video player and a streaming server; videos can still be watched in other players using the “player” URL parameter.
  • Tiers selected when coming from TROVA or LEXUS will be automatically highlighted in the timeline and displayed in the mini data frame.
  • Videos can be viewed in full-screen now.
  • Time-synchronization (same selection) is now working across the various views/modes you want to use to look at the selected resource.

Additionally the following major bugs have been fixed:

  • Mouse wheel scrolling in text panels for all browsers.
  • Log-out issues.
  • Zoom in/out issues.
  • Timeline movement issues.
  • The annotation offset in relation to the video in Elan-files (“.eaf”) is now properly recognized by Annex.
  • Issues with “drag & drop”, “hide” and “show all” functionalities on the timeline tiers.
  • Issues with toolbox “.tbt” files.
  • Many more bug-fixes…