Arbil is an application for arranging research material and associated metadata into a format appropriate for archiving. Arbil is designed so that it can be used off line in remote locations. The data can be entered at any stage in part or as a whole. When an internet connection is available the work can then be transferred to the main archive via Lamus.

Main other features

  • Organising your research data with metadata such that it can be archived as opposed to buried.
  • Metadata structures can be created, viewed and edited.
  • Multiple metadata files can be edited at the same time.
  • The local metadata tree can be searched with multiple parameters.
  • The data files can be launched in the associated applications such as ELAN or Media Players.
  • Many metadata files can be bulk edited in a single table.
  • With the exception of accessing the remote archive, all features are available offline such as in remote field sites.
  • You can enter the data as it becomes available, there is no mandatory order.

Arbil is written in the Java programming language and the sources are available for non-commercial use. It runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Download Arbil