Download ELAN

ELAN for Windows

Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Note: On Windows 8 the installer might trigger this message:
“Windows protected your PC. etc.”
Click “More Info” and then the “Run Anyway” button.

Installer: ELAN 4.9.3 Windows installer

The Windows installer versions include a Java Runtime Environment.

ELAN for Mac OS X

Note: On Mac OS the application is now compatible with the “identified developers” setting in the Security & Privacy system preferences.
If it doesn’t work nevertheless, switch to “Anywhere” once. (09 October 2014)

Zip: ELAN 4.9.3 unpack-and-run

Beta testing: version with Java 1.8 and JavaFX media player (see the notes!)

Beta: ELAN 4.9.2 with JavaFX player

ELAN for Linux

ELAN 4.9.3 Linux installer

(Without Java Runtime Environment, Java should be pre-installed)

Previous versions
(webstart, installers and sources)
Previous versions can be found here.
/ Documentation
The manual for ELAN 4.9.2 (22 Dec 2015): read/download as pdf or browse online. Other, third party documentation and manuals can be found here.

Here is an overview page of the keyboard mappings of the extended IPA input method.

Documentation of the EAF Annotation Format (pdf).

Release notes read
Source code

The sources of ELAN 4.9.3 are available under GNU Public License

The Audio Recognizer API and demo package (version 4)

(Preliminary) Lexicon extension "API" demo package.

Read the release notes.

Example Set

Annotation Video Audio
Complete example set in a single zip file

Sign language examples

Annotation Video 1 Video 2
Complete sign example set in a single zip file