What can I do when a WAV file I am trying to upload is judged UNARCHIVABLE?

This is a common issue with WAV files coming from non-standard recorders, LAMUS rejects them because the header is at the end, which is against the standard. In this case it is enough to open and resave them in an audio editing tool (e.g. Audacity), so that LAMUS accepts them.

I am a Mac user. When trying to create a new work space in LAMUS, my Java applet keeps being unable to run. What can I do?

It could be that your version of Java is too new. One of the last couple of updates of Java 8 on the Mac introduced an issue that made LAMUS break. Until now we weren’t able to figure out what exactly is causing this, so for the moment the only workaround is to install an older version of Java. If you go back to Java 7, LAMUS should work fine again. It’s a bit tricky to downgrade Java on a Mac, but there should be guides how to do this on the web.