Here you can find an overview of previously developed applications that have become obsolete or at least are not supported anymore.
  Addit a tool to ‘plug’ notes to elements of the MPI archive.
imdi IMDI Browser access the MPI archive through the web
isocat ISOcat a web-based Data Category Registry
KinOath KinOath Kinship Archiver A flexible kinship application producing publishable quality diagrams
lamus LAMUS Language Archive Management and Upload System
lexus Lexus a web-based lexicon tool
vicos Vicos a tool that allows users to complement lexical spaces (as created by LEXUS) with ontological spaces.
Synpathy a tool for manual syntactical annotation
imdi IMDI Editor a tool for creating and editing IMDI metadata
imdi Standalone IMDI Browser a tool for browsing the TLA archive while offline