This page will inform you about the features and changes delivered with every new LEXUS version. If you encounter any bugs, please send an email to

Version 3.1 (December 2014)

  • functionality to create links within and between (parts of) lexical entries
  • an extensive framework for tying lexicon templates and im-/export formats together, incl. warnings when changes to schema of a lexicon will break compatibility with an export format
  • improved PDF export
  • many other bug fixes

Version 3.00 (November 2012)

  • Full server side engine rewrite (back-end), for improved performance and stability.
  • New view specification and interface.
  • New unified search functionalities.
  • New LEXUS XML format.
  • Export to PDF functionality.
  • User interface stabilized and usability improved: hundreds of bugfixes, unified interfaces for search and views specification…

Version 2.00 (May 2009)

  • new user interface

Version 1.93 (June 2007)

  • relations creation
  • improved shoebox/toolbox and XML import

Version 1.2.0 (March 2006)

  • relations and relational navigation
  • various customizable views
  • user interface enhancements

Version 1.1 prerelease (October 2005)

  • customizable print layout
  • direct connection to Syntax ISO12620 DCR at Inist (
  • sort order
  • user access restrictions on lexica
  • user interface enhancements

Version 1.0 (May 2005)

  • user authentification
  • personal workspace for creating and editing lexica
  • synchronization between workspace and server
  •  search within and across several lexica
  •  import of existing lexica (Shoebox, CLAN)
  • export into Shoebox
  • use of standard DCR (Shoebox MDF, ISO 12620)
  • use of multimedia content
  • customizable layout