YAMS is a web application utilising elements of Arbil for browsing and searching archive material and associated metadata.


In development.

Main other features

  • Simple search.
  • Complex search.
  • Corpus branch browsing.
  • Corpus branch searching.
  • Relevant search results are shown in a table that can also be browsed as a tree.
  • Faceted tree browsing (in progress).
  • Searches can be bookmarked.
  • Purely HTML5 application (neither Java nor Flash are required).
  • Flexible page design allowing different configurations to have a very different workflow / look and feel.
  • Both IMDI and Clarin metadata are currently supported.

YAMS is written in the Java programming language and is cross compiled to HTML5 with GTW. The sources are available for non-commercial use.

Example configurations

YAMS configured as a search box

YAMS configured as an archive browser

Source code

GIT repository