The FreeLing package consists of a library providing language analysis services (such as morfological analysis, date recognition, PoS tagging, etc.) The current version (1.2) of the package provides tokenizing, sentence splitting, morphological analysis, NE detection, date/number/currency recognition, PoS tagging, and chart-based shallow parsing. FreeLing is designed to be used as an external library from any application requiring this kind of services. Nevertheless, a simple main program is also provided as a basic interface to the library, which enables the user to analyze text files from the command line.

TLA-team: A Library providing the programmer/user with a very complete toolchain on a number of infrequently supported languages. The tools range from tokenization to named entity recognition. It supports the following langauges: Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Italian, English, Welsh, Portuguese, and Asturian.