CuPED (‘Customizable Presentation of ELAN Documents’) is a tool for transforming time-aligned transcripts, such as those produced by ELAN, into a variety of presentation formats. Where ELAN and similar tools commonly concentrate upon the production of transcripts suitable for long-term archival preservation, CuPED aims to provide a simple and user-friendly means of converting these archival sources into formats more readily accessible to a general audience.

TLA-team: Cuped is an application to conveniently convert eaf files to other formats. The user is guided through the conversion process in a “wizard” style user interface. The conversion is based on templates and it seems the application currently provides one template that converts a (selection of) an eaf file into a web page with a Flash player for the media playback.Media files are converted to .flv files. It depends on the browser whether highlighting of sentences while the media is playing works correctly.