Heart of Gold is a middleware for the integration of deep and shallow natural language processing components. It provides a uniform and flexible infrastructure for building applications that use Robust Minimal Recursion Semantics (RMRS) and/or general XML standoff annotation produced by NLP components. The main purpose Heart of Gold was developed for is integration of various shallow NLP processors with the highly efficient HPSG parser PET in order to increase robustness of HPSG grammars for various languages such as English, German, Japanese, Greek and Norwegian. HPSG grammars can be developed with LKB, compiled to a binary grammar image, and at runtime executed by PET within the Heart of Gold. Although the focus of Heart of Gold is deep-shallow integration, the framework itself is generic and hence could also be used to, e.g., combine multiple purely shallow systems on XML basis, or to integrate other deep parsers.

TLA-team: Heart of Gold is a set of NLP components that can interact with eachother. The framework was specifically developed for DFKI activities, but has not been integrated yet with more well-known frameworks such as WebLicht or Gate.