Interlinear Text Editor software (ITE) allows linguist users to enter transcriptions and interlinear glosses, in particular to annotate recorded sound resources. It allows the user to enter and to edit annotation on four levels of analysis: the text, the sentence (or utterance), the word, and the morpheme. Elements of the lower levels (i.e. word and morpheme) are presented sentence by sentence in interlinear format, with gloss fields aligned under the transcription fields. As text is glossed, the program builds a lexicon, adding new transcribed elements with their glosses or adding new glosses for existing transcribed elements. ITE facilitates the entry of annotation by proposing glosses for elements which have occurred previously in the text or in previously entered texts. Tools for concordancing and indexing words and morphemes are provided, facilitating data-checking and analysis.

TLA-team: Since Michel Jacobson left LACITO,the state and further development of the software are not obvious to us.