As in music, when transcribing it’s important not to miss your entry. The idea is quite simple: The transcriptions of events (e.g. speaking) taking place synchronously at the same time are aligned to the same horizontal position. The execution of the idea is just as simple: entries are marked by syncTabs. Text can be synchronized to a selected target syncTab by setting the insertion point to the position in the text to be synchronized and choosing the “Sync To Target” menu item or hitting the tab key to bind the position to the target syncTab. This marks the position and all positions previously bound to the syncTab as simultaneous. Necessary adjustments to keep the entries of a sync in horizontal alignment are handled automatically by syncWRITER.

TLA-team: The idea for syncWRITER originated along the lines of traditional music notation, where transcribing into scores is the usual way ever since. By using a score, the conductor can overview the simultaneous play of multiple instruments, without loosing track of the interlinear structure of events. syncWRITER applies the score metaphor to text transcription. In terms of transcription work this means: Like an instrument, each “role” in your transcription is assigned a track. In conversation transcription, roles would correspond to speakers. Tracks are also used for comments, translations, and other things. It supports Quicktime and AppleScript, which opens up a lot of possibilities. The latter for example enables the automation of everything from complex analysis procedures to remote controlled construction of documents.