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Linux – low player's cursor update rate during play

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October 11, 2017 at 15:59 #11710


Hi, I’m trying to use ELAN 4.7.3 in Linux and the cursor moves with sensible lag while playing (kinda 4 updates per second), it was not this way for me in Windows Vista. Things I tried:
– switch painting strategy to ‘Paint to a buffer first’ (no effect);
– switch media framework to ‘Java Media Framework’ (got worse);
– ELAN version 4.6.2 (got worse, because of JMF, I guess);
– run with -Dswing.defaultlaf=com.sun.java.swing.plaf.gtk.GTKLookAndFeel (no effect on the lag).
My primary setup is Gentoo Linux with Oracle JRE 1.8, but I experience the same problem in Debian 7 with IcedTea 1.6.
Any hints/ideas? Or is it just a problem of Java in Linux?

October 12, 2017 at 23:08 #11711


This is almost certainly an artifact of the VLC-based media player. In the installation folder of ELAN there should be a file “Media playback Read Me” with some information about the media players (available within ELAN) on Linux. The, sometimes, poor performance or behavior of the VLC based player is mentioned there.
The lag you mention could be caused by this: apparently with some media (container)formats, the player returns as “current media time” the time stamp of the first sample in the loaded buffer. So, the cursor only jumps to a new position when a new interval has been loaded into the buffer.
Not sure if this is it and I don’t know which container/format works best.


November 14, 2017 at 23:03 #11748


I have been getting the same behavior on Manjaro Linux using ELAN 5.0. When using VLC (playing .wav) the crosshair updates very infrequently. I tried switching to the Java Media Framework player but a slightly different issue occurs with that: the crosshair doesn’t move for about a second (while the audio is playing) and then it jumps to the proper position and plays normally. In both cases the problems make annotation quite difficult. If there was any way to fix this it would be hugely appreciated.


November 16, 2017 at 10:12 #11750


Hmm, even with just .wav alone…? Disappointing.
I’ve no immediate solution but I was thinking that maybe a JavaFX based player might perform better on Linux then the other available players. I don’t know, never tried it on Linux, only on MacOS so far. We once made a test version of ELAN 4.9.2 for that, maybe we can create another test version based on 5.0 but then with a JavaFX player for Linux (and Windows) too. I can see if I can find some time in e.g. in the next two weeks.
I’m also looking into the possibility of integrating a pure Java audio player, but that will definitely take longer.


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