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Online survey on annotation tools and multimodal corpora

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January 23, 2015 at 16:41 #10113


Dear colleagues, dear linguists,

this is an invitation to participate in an online survey considering multimodal corpora and annotation tools.

In my dissertation I analyse and evaluate data models and file formats for multimodal annotations. Since evidence in literature for use cases and user experience stories is scarce, I am conducting a survey to obtain data on the kind of tasks researchers would like to perform on their data sets, and to what extent existing tools and solutions can support them – and in which situations they fall short.

So, if you have worked with multimodal transcription or annotation tools (such as ELAN, Praat, ANVIL, EXMARaLDA, and others) in the past, I kindly ask you to answer some questions regarding your user experience and success in using them.

You can find the online survey here:


The survey is presented in English, and every recent version of any internet browser should be able to display it correctly.

Thanks in advance for your information and support!

Best regards,
Peter Menke

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